Eagles Face Hens for NFFL Championship


NFFL CUP V – Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monticello News (Monticello, FL) – After 15 long weeks the match-up for the 2010 NFFL Championship is set. The first team to punch its ticket to finals was the Golden Eagles who defeated the Southwood Dolphins 80-77. This is the Eagles’ fourth trip to the NFFL Championship game. They were victorious in NFFL Cup I but fell in NFFL Cups II and III to the Tortfeasors.  “Our team is happy to be back in the finals, but we’re focused on plucking the Hens and lifting the NFFL Cup on Sunday!” said Tom Criss. 

For the Southwood Dolphins the loss marks the second straight year they lost in the semi-finals.  The Dolphins owner Seth Rubin stated that they would use the offseason to reevaluate the organizations’ structure.  “I’m not ruling out anything.  No one’s job is safe, not even Troy or Mikey’s. In fact, I think Zoe Rubin would make a fine head coach.”

In the other semifinal the Monticello Cornish Hens manhandled the Lamont All Stars 103-83.  The Hens led by Philip Rivers got off to a fast start and never looked back.  “I credit Arthut J. Fonzarelli with the win.  He really made some great personnel decisions during the week and helped us kick the All Stars in the balls” said a jubilant Hens’ owner Tyler McNeill as he streaked up U.S. 19 past the Chicken Delight. 

The loss was tough to take for the favored All Stars who following the loss sat in their darkened locker room for 4 hours.  Owner Kirk Reams was unable to explain the Tagliabue Division Champions’ collapse in the playoffs.  “I’m not sure what happened. I worked the phones, pressed the flesh and did some great direct mailings.  We ran a great campaign and I’m not willing to accept defeat.” When asked if voter fraud could be an issue in his loss Mr. Reams indicated his legal team was taking “all prudent measures into consideration” and could demand a recount. The NFFL League office refused to comment on the All Stars possible suit. 

Barring any legal challenges  the 2010 NFFL Cup is set to kick off between the Eagles and Hens on Thursday evening.


One response to “Eagles Face Hens for NFFL Championship

  1. Viva La Cornish Hens!

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