NFFL Cup Presented to the Monticello Cornish Hens

Monticello News (Monticello, FL) – When the final whistle of the 2010 NFFL Championship Game was blown the Monticello Cornish Hens had pulled an upset for the ages as they defeated the Golden Eagles 96-71. Hens fans streamed onto the field and hoisted team owner Tyler McNeill on their shoulders as chants of “Hens! Hens! Hens!” rang out. The NFFL Cup was hoisted and the victory was complete except for the lack of McNeills’ team’s name on the trophy.

Recently the trophy was engraved by the NFFL’s official award supplier, Tim “Tiny Type” Yoho. “Engraving the NFFL Cup is something I look forward to all year long. After I’m finished I like to admire my work while wearing a smoking jacket and having a nice glass of port” said Yoho. As usual Yoho’s work was outstanding and once the engraving was completed the Cup was transported to NFFL League Headquarters in a sleigh pulled by a team of specially trained Irish Wolfhounds.

After days of waiting McNeill was presented with the NFFL Cup at a ceremony held at the Hen’s owner estate. Also in attendance were the teams quarterbacks coach Morgan McNeill, and the Hens’ strength and conditioning coach Mae McNeill and the Hens’ CEO Jenny McNeill. Following the receipt of the Cup McNeill addressed the media and fellow league owners. Always the consummate gentleman McNeill congratulated his fellow owners on a well played season and expressed his excitement of the upcoming 2011 campaign. A full version of McNeill’s interview has been placed in the NFFL League Archive.


One response to “NFFL Cup Presented to the Monticello Cornish Hens

  1. It will be mine next year!!!

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