NFFL Considers Employing Puppies During Work Stoppage (Monticello, FL) – The NFFL offseason has been marred by a labor dispute that recently resulted in a lockout of the players.  The players and owners have many unresolved issues including revenue sharing, merchandise rights and shag carpeting length.  The most contentious debate centers on whether league stadiums should carry Hebrew National or Essem hotdogs.

The players are lobbying for Essem natural casing franks while the owners are solidly in the Hebrew National camp.  “It’s hard to understand why they won’t allow us to declare Hebrew National the official hot dog of the NFFL.  They answer to a higher power.” said Lamont All Star director of food services Paula Deen.

If the divide over the preferred frankfurter cannot be bridged the NFFL League Office indicated it had a contingency plan. “We’re going to field teams of puppies playing one another. People love puppies since they are adorable and do cute puppy things.  It’s a can’t miss solution.” said Tom Criss owner of the Golden Ealges.


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