NFFL 2011 Season League Site Now Active (Monticello, FL) – The NFFL League Office is proud to announce that the 2011 league site through ESPN is now active.  After receiving bids from Yahoo, FOX Sports and for the rights to hosts the 2011 edition of the NFFL Commissioner Bonfanti made the  much anticipated announcement  early this week.

“After considering all of the bids, enjoying several lobster dinners and a ridiculous time in Bangkok the NFFL will once again partner with ESPN.” Bonfanti said to a packed house at Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant between sips of Dos Equis.

Following the announcement the league’s ESPN went live.  Owners are now able to edit their franchise information if desired.  The league office has also requested that all owners who want to participate in the 2011 NFFL season confirm their intent to play.

“We’ve been a stable league since losing the Topdogs in 2008. While we don’t anticipate any expansion or contraction you never know.” noted the NFFL’s Secretary General Tyler McNeill.

Confirmed teams for 2011 at the time of this release include the Golden Eagles, Miccosuckee Nimrods, Mootown Marauders, North Florida Seersuckers, and Southwood Dolphins.


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