Tanners Withdraw from the NFFL

NFFL.com (Monticello, FL) – The NFFL Office was recently notified the Peabody Tanners will not be returning for the 2011 season.   Players who reported for training camp were greeted by a padlocked front gate and an abandoned parking lot.  The Tanners’ owner Len Bonfanti could not be reached for comment and refused to issue a statement.

The Tanners were 7-6 in 2010 and barely missed the playoffs.  League officials speculate the Tanners’ decision not to return is related to a desire to play in a league with a more northern focus.  “The closest team to us was over 1,300 miles away, and travel costs were killing us” said a former Tanner official who wished to remain nameless.

The departure of the Tanners marks the third straight season the Tagliabue Division will welcome a new franchise to its ranks.  League officials refuse to reveal the identity of the new owner but have confirmed prospective owners have contacted the league office to fill the NFFL’s tenth slot.


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