NFFL Cup Presented to the Mootown Marauders

Monticello News (Monticello, FL) – As perennial bottom dwellers of the NFFL expectations heading into the 2011 season were not high for the Mootown Marauders.  Owner Kirsten “Balls of Steel” Matthis shrugged off her team’s horrendous history and hired a new GM.  That changed couple with actually paying attention to her team resulted in a Lombardi Division title and an NFFL Championship.

The trophy was recently engraved by the NFFL’s official award supplier, Tim “Tiny Type” Yoho. “This is the 6th year I’ve engraved the NFFL Cup and each year is a treat.  Holding it you can feel the league’s history.  It’s beautiful.” said Yoho as he sipped a glass of port. Yoho’s work was again outstanding and as is league tradition once the engraving was completed the Cup was transported to NFFL League Headquarters in a sleigh by a team of specially trained Irish Wolfhounds.

This afternoon Matthis was presented with the NFFL Cup at a ceremony held outside El Jalisco. GM Geoff “Smooth Operator” Gonzalez was on a scouting assignment in the Cayman Islands and unavailable to attend the ceremony.  Following years of ridicule Matthis was humble and offered a few kind words for her fellow owners. A full version of Matthis’ interview has been placed in the NFFL League Archive.


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