Flashes Parter with DiLuzio Enterprises LLC

Nassau County Record (Hilliard, FL) – This morning the Hilliard Flashes announced fifty-percent of the team had been sold to DiLuzio Enterprises, LLC. The company is headed by Kaitlin DiLuzio, a budding young socialite with an eye on property development.  “My focus is primarily on commercial buildings in the expanding markets of southeast Asia.  While some would think buying a stake in a team that went 3-8 is an unwise decision, I see it as a growth opportunity.” Ms. DiLuzio said before a packed room at St. Johns Seafood & Steaks.

Hilliard Flashes owner Becky “Confederate Jasmine” Bonfanti addressed the media following Ms. DiLuzio’s introduction. She indicated many aspects of the partnership are still being finalized including who will handle day-to-day operations of the team. “Kaitlin and I are in this together, and I am sure we’ll hash out an agreement that works for everyone. We have agreed that only hotties will be on our roster.”

There are also talks about moving the team from the Hilliard area.  Ms. DiLuzio indicated St. George Island would be a perfect home for the team.  “I love football and the beach, and being near both would mighty fine.” Plans concerning the teams name and hometown will be finalized sometime before the 2012 NFFL Draft.


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