Terrors Withdraw from the NFFL

Huntsville News Leader (Huntsville, AL) – After four seasons in the NFFL the Tallahassee Terrors announced they are suspending operations for the 2012 season.  The 2011 season was an absolute disaster as the Terror compiled a league worst 2-10-1 record.  Crowds were sparse and by the end of the season the team had trouble meeting payroll.

A solemn Brian S. Hunter addressed the media at the Terrors’ team offices. “Everyone knows a Hunter gets his beer. What everyone doesn’t know is a Hunter also knows when to call it a day.  While we never won an NFFL Cup we competed with heart. I will miss the challenge of competing in the NFFL, and wish all the teams, except the Slippery Rock Tortfeasors, good luck.”

With the departure of the Tallahassee Terrors the NFFL now stands at nine teams and will add a new franchise prior to the 2012 season.  Commissioner Bonfanti indicated several ownership groups had contacted the NFFL about joining the league prior to the Terrors’ departure. Bonfanti addressed the media and noted “We (the NFFL) considered going to twelve teams, but wanted to keep the thirteen week division weighted schedule.  With the Terrors out I’ve gotta give another team their dream shot!”


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