New Canaan Chrebets Join the NFFL

New Canaan Advertiser (New Canaan, CT) – The NFFL is proud to announce the New Canaan Chrebets have joined the league as its tenth franchise.  The Fightin’ Chrebets are led by a  well renowned blogger, William Kristoph. “We’re excited to be joining the NFFL.  The travel may kill us, but if it means getting real bread and pizza it will be worth it.” Kristoph noted as he skillfully folded a thin slice of pie.

As part of the announcement the Chrebets unveiled their logo and helmet for the upcoming 2012 season.  “Obviously it had to be green and have an NC on it. Otherwise, we gave our crack team of graphic designers free reign, and I like the results.” said Chrebets Director of Player Personnel Ken O’Brien.

Kristoph who made his fortune by creating a Hearst-like journalistic empire pledge his considerably media influence to ensure the Chrebets are successful.  As part of this strategy the team became the first NFFL franchise to have a presence on the internet. Kristoph stated he was “amazed no other team has a site. It’s their loss and I can’t wait to cash in on the merchandising potential of my team. Can you say license to print money? I can.”

The Chrebets will join the Tagliabue Division while the Miccosukee Nimrods will move to the Lombardi Division.  The Nimrods have repeatedly asked the league to join the Lombardi office since rejoining the NFFL in 2009.  Joe “Deep Dish” Zollner indicated he was ecstatic to be with the original members of the NFFL and shotgunned several beers in celebration. With the league now at ten teams the league office will now set its sights on scheduling the 2012 NFFL Draft.


3 responses to “New Canaan Chrebets Join the NFFL

  1. LOL. Awesome! Hilarious way to start my morning. The Chrebets will likely be hilarious too, painfully hilarious.


    What I was trying to say is that the Chrebets have the best looking helmet in the NFFL by far, which means my plan for merchandise is coming together nicely.

    1. Start NFFL Team
    2. ?????
    3. Profit!

    • I don’t know about that. The sweet baby blue lid of the North Florida Seersuckers is pretty nice. We’re kind of like Penn State, but without employing a serial pedophile.

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