2012 NFFL Draft

Former champ Tom Criss eyes the hot wings while reigning champion Kirsten Matthis enjoys the spoils of her victory

NFFL.com (Monticello, FL) – The 7th Annual NFFL Draft was held this afternoon at the Brickhouse Eatery in historic downtown Monticello, Florida.  The draft was attended by eight of the league’s ten owners.  The first pick was award to Bill “Nutmeg” Kristoph who promptly selected Arian Foster. “Building a workmanlike franchise starts with a strong running back.  Foster fits the bill, and I look forward to him jamming it down the throats of the other NFFL teams this year,” said GM Wayne Chrebet.

Chrebets President Bill Kristoph plans his next move to dominate the NFFL while Dolphins’ owner Seth Rubin wonders where he’ll put the trophy

As usual, the Tom “Bookworm” Criss attended the draft with several outdated publications. Criss stated, “This is going to be a bounce back year for the Eagles. We are ready to win, and are looking forward to taking Steve Largent early in the first round. Wait, what? He retired? We’re doomed!” Several owners attempted to console Criss with a bottle of homemade Limoncello and several slices of red velvet gooey butter cake.

The brain trust of the Miccosukee Nimrods

By the close of the draft many beers and chicken wings had been consumed.  Kirk “Bi-Partisan” Reams was pleased with his draft. “My team is crafted like a fine wine. Once the flavors meld and mature it will be bold! Plus, I didn’t let a 9 year old draft it like the Nimrods did, so I won’t finish last. ” Nimrods’ GM Bennett “Boy Wonder” Zollner responded to Reams’ slight by noting he was in fact 12 and looked forward to taking it to him Polish-style in Week 7.

Cornish Hens’ owner Tyler McNeill ponders his next pick


One response to “2012 NFFL Draft

  1. I think you got the caption wrong on the picture of Cornish Hens’ owner Tyler McNeill. If I am correct, I think he was pondering how “moist” something was at the time. I just wanted to clarify that for the record.

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