NFFL Cup Presented to the New Canaan Chrebets

New York Times (New York, NY) – Five short months ago the New Canaan Chrebets were the new kids on the block. As an NFFL expansion franchise many thought the team would fail to compete.  Chrebets ownership believe otherwise and this afternoon in a ceremony held outside the gorgeous Leon County Court House in downtown Tallahassee, Florida

The trophy was recently engraved by the NFFL’s official award supplier, Tim “Tiny Type” Yoho. “This is the 7th year I’ve engraved the NFFL Cup and each year is more special than the last.  The league has a sense of history and permanency.  It’s awe inspiring.” said Yoho as he sipped a glass of single malt scotch. As expected, Yoho’s work was flawless and once the engraving was completed the Cup was transported to NFFL League Headquarters in a sleigh drawn by a team of specially trained Irish Wolfhounds.

The Chrebets led by William “Thin Crust” Kristoph, and his boy wonder GM T-Dub, captured the cup by defeating the Slippery Rock Tortfeasors 122-99. “We came in as an expansion team and we lave as champions. That’s a pretty good feeling for this kid from Connecticut,” Kristoph noted just prior to the ceremony.  A  full version of Kristoph’s stirring interview has been placed in the NFFL League Archive.


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