Details Scarce as 8th NFFL Season Set to Open

The NFFL is set to kick off its 2013 Season (Monticello, FL) – The 8th NFFL Season is right around the corner and the league office is busily finalizing details for the 2013 NFFL Draft Presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon. “Finalizing? Seriously? It’s three months away. Who pays you? I do? Dammit. Don’t print that. We haven’t even picked a date. Is that thing on?” said Commissioner Bonfanti as he finished a plate of ribs with Lil John at Vic’s BBQ Smokehouse.

In a BBQ sauce stained memo written on what appeared to be a piece of butcher paper, the NFFL outlined its priorities heading into the upcoming NFFL Draft. Among these were verifying whether or not all of the leagues’ 10 owners were returning for the 2013 Season, selecting a date for the draft, and determining official league sponsors.  “Everything is up in the air.  We’ve parted ways with Five Guys and the Slap Chop. We’re open to just about anyone throwing a little cash our way to slap their name on league properties,” said NFFL Finance Chairman Tyler “Daddy Warbucks” McNeill.

As for the venue for the upcoming 2013 NFFL Draft the league office is furiously working to secure a location.  “Several business owners have approached us and offered to host the event. We have nothing against septic tank cleaning companies, and they serve a vital purpose, but we think there are better places for us to drop anchor, so to speak,” said NFFL Direction of Draft Operations Bill “Thin Crust” Kristoph.


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