Bojangles and NFFL Announce Deal


Monticello News (Monticell0, FL) – The NFFL and Bojangle’s announced a multi year contract that will see the famous chicken and biscuit chain’s logo and name appear on the weekly NFFL standings.  The terms of the deal were not announced, but Darren Rovell has indicated it will allow the NFFL to purchase chicken from Bojangle’s Valdosta, Geogia location.  “Driving 60 miles for the right to purchase delicious chicken and biscuits may seem outrageous, but the NFFL knows fine southern cuisine when it smacks them in the taste buds,” said Bojangle’s Randy “Gizzard Box” Kibler.

The sponsorship deal was seen as a major win for a league that just months ago was dealing with the loss of partners and an internal investigation into playoff abnormalities.  NFFL Finance Chairman Tyler “Daddy Warbucks” McNeill was thrilled he was able to close the deal.  “Chicken and biscuits? More like dollar, dollar, bills y’all!”

The NFFL was unable to determine if Bojangle’s would be available at the upcoming NFFL Draft.  “I love their buttery biscuits as much as the next guy,” noted Commissioner Bonfanti “but they need to open a store in Tallahasee. Until then, I’m on Team Maryland Frie-…” Unfortunately the Commissioner blacked out before finishing his statement, and he is now in stable condition at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.


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