NFFL Partners with Four Loko


Jefferson County Journal (Monticello, FL) – The final piece of the NFFL sponsorship puzzle was set in place today as the league and Four Loko announced a one year deal.  Under the terms of the agreement Four Loko, a purveyor of fine malted beverages, will sponsor the NFFL weekly scoreboard.

“Four Loko is a brand that exudes integrity.  They care about the community, and we’re happy to have them on board. We’re all about promoting personal responsibility and good choices. Four Loko allows us to further that mission,” said NFFL Community Outreach Director Joe “Pirogi” Zollner as he crushed his sixth peach tall boy.

NFFL Finance Chairman Tyler “Daddy Warbucks” McNeill, who was on his eight delicious beverage, was ecstatic of the new partnership. “Four Loko! Foooouuuuurrrr Loooooookooooo, bitches!”  At this point he attempted to remove his pants and order a McFlurry at the deli counter of the local Winn Dixie.


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