NFFL Divisional Alignment Announced


Journal Star (Lincoln, NE) – After five years of relatively stability the NFFL has announced a radical shift in the layout of its divisions.  Team will now complete in three divisions, each having four teams.  The newly formed Rozelle Division is now home to both expansion franchises (Auburn and Des Moines) and two past champions (Mootown and New Canaan.) “I sees what da Commishna is doin.’ He’s tryin to put da screwz to da Chrebets. Well it won’t work! Ya hear me?” responded Bill “Thin Crust” Kristoph when the news broke.  In a statement released by the defending league champion Marauder Kirsten Matthis indicated she was sad to leave the Lombardi Division, but  looked forward to pummeling the Des Moines squad, run by her former GM and love interest G. Gonzalez, both on and off the field.

With the switch to three divisions the NFFL was still able to maintain the integrity of its schedule.  Teams will still play divisional foes twice, and all out of division teams once, for a total of 14 games.  The three divisional winners and one wild card team will advance to the playoffs.    “Playing every team and still having room for the playoffs took some brain storming.  I give all the credit to the bottle of scotch we killed while batting ideas around,” noted Commission Bonfanti at the press conference.

2014 NFFL Divisions

Lombardi Division
– Golden Eagles
– Miccosukee Nimrods
– North Florida Seersuckers
– Slippery Rock Tortfeasors

Tagliabue Division
– Hilliard Flashes
– Lamont All Stars
– Monticello Cornish Hens
– Southwood Dolphins

Rozelle Division
– Auburn Numbers
– Des Moines Dopplebocks
– Mootown Marauders
– New Canaan Chrebets


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