2014 NFFL Draft


NFFL.com (Monticello, FL) – In a press release read aloud by Kirk “Vote for Me” Reams on the steps of the historic Jefferson County Courthouse the NFFL announced the 2014 draft will be held on Saturday, August 16 at 12:00 p.m. The 9th annual draft will be at the country horse estate of Kirsten Matthis.  “I bought this quaint plantation with Russian oil money, and it’s about time I showed it off. Like my mama said, shake that moneymaker baby girl!” Matthis exclaimed as she threw twenty dollar bills into the air.

The NFFL also released the draft format and again will utilize a 15 round “snake style” draft to fill each of the 10 teams’ rosters. The draft order will be randomly selected and posted on NFFL.com no later than August 13, 2013. “You’re in for something special this year. It’s real classy,” said NFFL.com IT Director William “Thin Crust” Kristoph.  Trading of draft picks will not be allowed, although once the draft concludes teams are free to move players.

Any league owner who is unable to attend the draft is urged to contact the Commissioner as soon as possible. The league office would also like to point out owners who will be unable to attend the live draft are urged to pre-rank their players. If rankings are not received by the beginning of the draft ESPN’s Top 300 Players will be utilized to fill any absentee owner’s roster. “Not attending the draft is pretty damn pathetic.  You best be there unless you’re a nursing mother, physically incapacitated, or smell like carp,” said Cornish Hen’s owner Tyler “Coverage Sack” McNeill.

2014 NFFL Draft
Date: Saturday, August 16, 2013
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Place: Matthis/Gonzalez Horse Plantation
4331 W. Washington Street
Monticello, Florida


2 responses to “2014 NFFL Draft

  1. I guess I won’t be making any Wiscaaaaaaansin pizza comments for fear of getting thrown out of the draft.

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