2015 NFFL Draft

The Ox

NFFL.com (Monticello, FL) – The NFFL is proud to announce announce the 2015 draft will be held on Saturday, August 8 at 12:00 p.m.  The 10th annual draft will be held at The Ox, an underground speak easy owned and operated  by Mark “Cadillac Frank” Bonfanti.   “Some say associating the NFFL with the southern branch of a New England crime family opens us up to a possible federal investigation and RICO charges. I say those people obviously hate Sicilians and diversity,” said Commission Mike “Red Sauce” Bonfanti.

A 15 round “snake style” draft will once again be utilized to fill each of the 12 teams’ rosters. The draft order will be randomly selected and posted on NFFL.com later this week. “We are finalizing production of the NFFL Draft Order Show. It will be a high quality piece of programming with just a hint of maple syrup and fresh caught salmon,” noted NFFL Films Director Sara “North of the Border” Hart.

Any league owners who is unable to attend the draft must be pre-rank their selections.  If an owner fails to pre-rank, and does not attend the draft they will be subject to the Haire Protocol which mandates a team will be filled with non-active players.  “We instituted this new rule following the situation with the Slippery Rock Tortfeasors in 2014.  Their owner skipped the draft, and the League picked them a sweet ass team that eventually won the NFFL Cup. This year absentee owners will find Ickey Woods, Tony Eason and Phil McKonkey on their rosters,” said the Chairman of the NFFL Competition Committee, Andrew “Iron Abacus” Woodward.

2015 NFFL Draft
Date: Saturday, August 8, 2015
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Place: The Ox
7339 Ox Bow Circle
Tallahassee, Florida


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