Week 2 NFFL Power Rankings

NFFL League Office (Monticello, FL) – Fours are wild in the NFFL as four teams tied, four won and four lost.  “I’m sure there’s a equation to quantitatively described how I feel, but instead I’ll settle for drinking this case of Coors Light,” said NFFL Actuary Andrew “Numbers” Woodward.


1 Fluffiest Bunnies NC Even with a tie this team is the best in the NFFL.
2 North Florida Seersuckers + 1 Two wins for a squad held together with spit, bubble gum, and bailing wire.
3 Canadian Beavers +  1 A tie but a move up in the rankings? Must be a Canadian thing.
4 Coles Miners – 2 The Miners are digging a tunnel in the wrong direction.
5 Golden Eagles + 5 Fly Eagles fly, on the road to victory!
6 Auburn Numbers – 1 Statistically speaking, you’re in the middle of the pack.
7 Mootown Marauders – 1 One win. One loss. Third place in the division.
8 Miccosukee Nimrods + 3 .500 for the season means 50% of the time you’re a loser.
9 Southwood Dolphins – 2 Drop 122 points and end up with a tie. Sometimes life isn’t fair.
10 The Jameistown Colony + 2 The Colony discovered a tie feels better than a loss.
11 Little Lebowski Urban Achievers – 3 Two weeks. Two losses. At least you’re consistent.
12 Slippery Rock Tortfeasors – 3 Ben Rothlisberger scored as many points (36) as your entire team.

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