Week 5 NFFL Power Rankings

NFFL League Office (Monticello, FL) –  The meat of the NFFL season has kicked off as teams begin a six week stretch of games against division rivals. ”Is this thing on? How do I update my roster? I only played eight people? Dammit,”  said NFFL Statistical Analyst Andrew “∮” Woodward as he realized his team dropped one spot in the latest NFFL Power Rankings.


1 North Florida Seersuckers NC Five wins in a row.
2 Fluffiest Bunnies + 2 Off Brady’s bye week the Bunnies buried the Miners.
3 Jameistown Colony + 3 The Colony staked their claim as one of the NFFL’s best.
4 Canadian Beavers + 1 9 players > 8 players and led to a win.
5 Mootown Marauders + 2 So what if Haire’s the NFFL equivalent of a non-sentient eggplant? It’s still another W.
6 Coles Miners – 4 The Miners ran into the buzz saw known as the Fluffiest Bunnies.
7 Southwood Dolphins – 4 Having Doug Martin and his 33 points on the bench really hurts when you lose by only 6.
8 Miccosukee Nimrods + 2 Look who’s making a bid for relevance in the Gunsel Division!
9 Auburn Numbers – 1 Managing tactics to avoid: subbing out a kicker who was on a bye then sitting an active WR.
10 Golden Eagles – 1 One of the oldest NFFL rivalries ends in tears for the hapless Eagles.
11 Little Lebowski Urban Achievers NC 530 Points Against, enough said.
12 Slippery Rock Tortfeasors NC I can’t even.

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