Week 10 NFFL Power Rankings

NFFL League Office (Monticello, FL) –  Week 10 saw the gulf widen between the have and have-nots of the NFFL.  “Two teams changed positions, and that means the teams that are supposed to win, are winning,” said NFFL Statistical Analyst Andrew “3.145” Woodward as he revealed the latest NFFL Power Rankings.


1 North Florida Seersuckers NC Decem uincit. That’s 10 wins for all you non-Latin speakers.
2 Mootown Marauders NC A sweep of the Miners earns Mootown a 5-1 division record for the season.
3 Jameistown Colony +3 You can only beat the team you face, and this week it was the punchline known as the Nimrods.
4 Fluffiest Bunnies NC Rare back to back losses have the Bunnies in danger of falling out of the playoffs.
5 Canadian Beavers NC The Beavers dreams of a division title took a serious hit with their second loss to the ‘Seers in 4 weeks.
6 Southwood Dolphins -3 The ‘Fins are drowning in a pool of mediocrity.
7 Coles Miners NC Almost good enough to be ranked in the top half of the league.
8 Golden Eagles NC The first cupcake has been consumed. Next up, the delicious parfait known as the Urban Achievers.
9 Little Lebowski Urban Achievers NC Three straight wins for Little Lebowski. Has Luke finally figured this fantasy football thing out?
10 Miccosukee Nimrods NC Is anyone home? Four losses in a row.
11 Auburn Numbers NC The suckage in the portion of the rankings is intense.
12 Slippery Rock Tortfeasors NC An upset win of the Bunnies still can’t get the Tortfeasors out of the cellar.

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