Week 11 Power Rankings

NFFL League Office (Monticello, FL) –  Three weeks are left in the NFFL season and the playoff races have heated up.  “My team is terrible, but it would be even worse in the Lombardi Division. One word, gauntlet,” said NFFL Statistical Analyst Andrew “%” Woodward as he revealed the latest NFFL Power Rankings.


1 North Florida Seersuckers NC At 11, the N. Fla. Seersuckers have the longest win streak in NFFL history.
2 Mootown Marauders NC Three weeks remain, and the Marauders can taste another division title.
3 Jameistown Colony NC 124 points by the Miners saddled the Colony with an ill-times loss.
4 Fluffiest Bunnies NC The Bunnies bounce back big.
5 Coles Miners +2 The Miners are in the thick of Lombardi Division title hunt.
6 Canadian Beavers -1 Someone needs to tell the Beavers the point of fantasy football is to win.
7 Southwood Dolphins -1 Another week, another loss.
8 Golden Eagles NC The second dessert course could only muster a mere 38 points. That’s 3 straight wins for the surging Eagles.
9 Little Lebowski Urban Achievers NC 38 points? Even the Numbers posted more points in Week 11.
10 Miccosukee Nimrods NC The losses keep piling up for the rudderless ‘Rods.
11 Slippery Rock Tortfeasors +1 After 8 weeks of being DFL, the Tortfeasors pass that burden onto the Numbers.
12 Auburn Numbers -1 An upset win of the Bunnies still can’t get the Tortfeasors out of the cellar.

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