Week 14 Power Rankings

NFFL League Office (Monticello, FL) – The 2014 NFFL Regular Season is in the books, and all four playoff spots are claimed.  “We had a little reshuffling this week, but nothing major. Also, Zollner is terrible at the fantasy football,” said NFFL Statistical Analyst Andrew “” Woodward as he revealed the latest NFFL Power Rankings.


1 North Florida Seersuckers NC The ‘Seers finish the regular season with a historic 13-1 record.
2 Fluffiest Bunnies +2 The Bunnies locked up the Lombardi Division and the #2 seed with a whooping of the struggling Beavers.
3 Southwood Dolphins NC The Dolphins survived a tough challenge from the Colony to take the Gunsel Division.
4 Mootown Marauders -2 A loss to the ‘Seers dropped Mootown into the wild card spot, and rematch with N. Fla.
5 Jameistown Colony NC A great first season in the NFFL ends with the Colony on the outside looking in.
6 Coles Miners NC The up and down season for the Miners ends on a low with a loss to Southwood.
7 Golden Eagles +1 The Eagles never gave up and following a horrific start to 2015 close the season at 7-7.
8 Canadian Beavers -1 2-5 to close the year means the Beavers won’t have a shot at the NFFL Cup.
9 Slippery Rock Tortfeasors +1 Five wins after an NFFL Cup is a major disappointment. Do better.
10 Auburn Numbers +2 The Numbers struggled to find W’s in their sophomore season.
11 Little Lebowski Urban Achievers -1 Time to get blackout drunk after losing to the Numbers and falling to #11 in the rankings.
12 Miccosukee Nimrods -1 A 3-11 campaign means dousing the team offices in kerosene, lighting a match, and looking forward to 2016.

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