Bunnies Face ‘Seers in Final


Tallahassee Democrat (Tallahassee, FL) – The first round of the NFFL Playoffs saw both higher seeded teams defeat their lower seeded opponents, and set up a showdown between the top two teams.   In the first match-up the 13-1 N. Fla. Seersuckers rolled over the over matched Mootown Marauders by a score of 103-78.  “Two wins in two weeks over the Marauders is something to crow about. Unless of course you happen to live in the same household as Mootown’s owner. Then you stay quiet and keep your head down,” said ‘Seers P.R. Director Louis C.K.  The loss ends the Marauders’ season two wins short of their ultimate goal. “We wanted to win the NFFL Cup for a third time, but it wasn’t in the Manolos,” sighed a dejected Aaron Rodgers.

The second game saw the most dangerous team in the NFFL, the Fluffiest Bunnies, dismantle the Southwood Dolphins 116-84. The loss to the displeasure of ‘Fins fans upped the streak of seasons without a title to 7, and forced owner Seth “Lemon Law” Rubin to leave the stadium under armed escort.  Meanwhile, Bunnies GM Glinda the Good Witch basked in the latest win. “Good teams win, and bad teams lose. Right now, we are really good,” exclaimed Ms. Good Witch as she turned her attention to the downfall of the N. Fla. Seersuckers in NFFL Cup X.


#2 Fluffiest Bunnies vs. #1 North Florida Seersuckers


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