Salem Sweepers Join the NFFL


salem-sweepers-2 (Monticello, FL) – Almost five years to the day after the Peabody Tanners withdraw from the NFFL Office Len Bonfanti is back. “A lot has changed in five years. The NFFL is a family business with both of my sons and daughter-in-laws also running franchises, and I wanted in on the action.” said the senior Bonfanti from his New Hampshire estate.

Reflecting a commitment to blue collar values Bonfanti has named his new team the Salem Sweepers. “Making sure your kitchen is clean is important. I sweep mine every night! Plus, we plan to sweep the competition off the field each and every Sunday.” said an enthusiastic Len Bonfanti.

The franchise will be located in Salem, NH a suburb of Boston, MA. “Location is key, as with anything else. I-93 provides easy access to Mr. Clean Field brought to you by Mop & Glo, for both fans from north and south of Salem.” said Sweepers Director of Business Development Deb Bonfanti.

The Sweepers are assembling their front office and are looking forward to the upcoming draft. Further inquires about the team, stadium, and sponsorship opportunities should be directed to


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