League History

The North Florida Football League (“NFFL”) was founded in August of 2006 on a cold blustery North Florida day.  The six charter members traveled in mule drawn wagons to the home of local agitator Rev. Ezekiel J. Criss.  Under  the cover of darkness, and constant threat of persecution by the local authorities, these braves souls drafted a charter to set up the framework of the NFFL.

Since that inspirational first meeting the NFFL has prospered. The league operated with six teams for the first three years of its existence.  In 2009 the NFFL expanded to ten teams with two five team divisions. The NFFL expanded for a second time in 2014 to 12 teams arranged in three four team divisions. A third expansion occurred in 2016 with the league growing to 14 teams.

Currently teams play a total of thirteen games.  Each team plays every other team once with the top four teams qualifying for the playoffs.  The winner of the playoffs earns the right to have their name etched on the NFFL Cup and bragging rights for one year.