2013 NFFL Draft – Sponsored by PBR

2013 NFFL Draft

The Chrebets tasted sweet victory in NFFL Cup VII and PBR at the draft

Monticello News (Monticello, FL) – The 8th Annual NFFL Draft was held this past Saturday at the Brick House Eatery in Monticello, Florida. Nine of the league’s ten owners were able to appear in person for the event. Kirsten “Gazprom” Matthis appeared with her general manager, Geoff “The Last F is Silent” Gonzalez. “Last season was an anomaly. The Marauders will rebound in 2013 and look fabulous on and off the field,” Matthis noted while her GM topped off her Bellini.

2013 NFFL Draft

Tom Criss mines an out of date draft guide for player insight

The owner of the Miccosukee Nimrods, Joe “Perogi” Zollner, was unable to appear for the draft due to an unforeseen weasel wrangling expedition.  The consensus was despite his absence ESPN Top 300 drafted a fairly strong squad for the Nimrods, to which Zollner replied “they damn well should have, or I’d have gone to Bristol, CT and busted some bean counter’s head.”

2013 NFFL Draft

Kirsten Matthis glares at all who oppose her

Becky “Pop Psych” Bonfanti provided the surprise of the draft as she selected Denard Robinson in the third round.  The move mirrored her selection of Colt McCoy early in the 2011 NFFL Draft and was met with chuckles and looks of disbelief. “Haters gonna hate,” remarked Bonfanti as she continued to stuff her roster with Jacksonville Jaguars players.

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